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Petey Mussio Punts Big Airs

On a small day one of the hardest things to do is get speed off these little dribblers, but Petey Mussio can do some pretty crazy things. Here he is punting a massive air reverse on a thigh high wave at 2nd Point Malibu. Even on cloudy days, there’s a little silver lining 🙂

Brendan Hearne wins the session

Brendan Hearne Carving Top Turn Sequence
Brendan Hearne Carving Top Turn Sequence

Any time that I go shoot with more than one surfer, an underlying competition is felt amongst everyone. It’s a friendly competition of course, but no one wants to be the worst guy in the water. The fun part (other than getting to shoot surfing), is getting to be the judge in these little contest. This day while I was shooting a Drainpipes session of mostly closeouts and credit card air reverses, Brendan Hearne an amazing director and also ruling surfer paddled into this perfect little hook and won the session with this carving top turn. Power and style always a winner.

Pascal Stansfield with a little PoP

Pascal Stansfield probably has some of the most natural talent in the LA area. I’ve seen him after a big night of Hollyweirdness paddle out in a daze, only to do things that would take years of attempts to pull off. This morning, he was just getting a few before work at his company Freedom Artist but still sticking a perfect little alley-oop.

Harley Ingleby, What Can’t He Ride?

2009 ASP Longboard World Champ Harley Ingleby is probably one of the most unknown world champion you have ever heard of, but for those who know better, you have seen his ability to ride any type of board. And ride them really well I might add. Watch him go through a myriad of  surfboard types, from the finless planks know as the alayas, to multiple version of the shortboard, then back on the logs and high performance longboards. To be honest, what can’t he ride?!?

Jordan Tappis slotting on the inside

Jordan Tappis slotting into a dregging barrel
Jordan Tappis slotting into a dregging barrel

With the present flurry of waves from the North West hitting California, I was lucky enough to capture Jordan Tappis at a LA secret spot pulling into a near sea level dregging barrel. This spot is not for the weak at heart, and not for any goofy foots as it’s an air drop take off that’s right next to gnarly boulders. Oh, did I mention that it breaks in about a foot of water!